The CPF (Component Print Frame) was designed to ensure accurate solder paste deposition onto the balls of the BGA.  Because the CPF prints paste directly onto the component, there are no keep out or clearance issues with adjacent components on the PCB.

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Mini Micro Stencil - Component Print Fra

This is the New CPF-100 from Mini Micro Stencil. This tool allows the end user to be able to print solder paste onto a component, then present the tool to the rework station for pick-up and placement of the component.

Step 1

Place the component so that the solder balls align with pattern that has been etched into the CPF Tool.

Component Print Frame - Step 1.png
Step 2

Using the supplied squeegee blade work the solder paste onto the PASTE/FLUX palette

until the solder paste is at your desired consistency.

Component Print Frame - Step 2.png
Step 3

Squeegee solder paste onto the back side of the CPF. Do this until all of the holes are

filled and the stainless steel surface is clean. This step is much like printing onto a

regular Mini Stencil.

Component Print Frame - Step 3.png
Step 4

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Component Print Frame - Step 4.png
Step 5

After you have printed solder paste onto the component, place the CPF onto your rework

station and pick up the component out of the tool.

Component Print Frame - Step 5.png
Step 6

You are now ready to place the component onto the PCB.

Component Print Frame - Step 6.png
Component Print Frame - Final