Hand held stencil printing tool. Designed to be used with the Mini Micro Stencil Flip up stencils

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Thank you for your interest in the Mini Micro Stencil SH-1. The tool is designed to allow the user a simple and effective way to be able to use the Micro Stencil in a hand held fashion in four easy steps. Since this is a HAND OPERATION it may take several practice runs until the user becomes proficient at the process.

  • Slide the Micro Stencil onto the shaft mounted on the SH-1

  • Find a comfortable hand position to hold the stencil flat during pad alignment.

  • Use the Mini Squeegee to apply solder paste over the stencil apertures. Remove excess solder paste using Mini Squeegee. Critical: any movement of stencil at this time will cause poor printing!

  • Tilt the stencil rearwards. This will cause the paste to release from front to back. Tip: Place two fingers onto the opposite side of the stencil to add stability during the release process.


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