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Designed to be used with SH-1 Handle and many different rework stations. 


The Flip-Up Stencil has been designed to apply solder paste to the PCB pads for:


  • BGA

  • QFP

  • PLCC

  • SOIC,

  • Connector Patterns

Flip Up_PCB Print Stencil - Mini Micro Stencil

A great deal of effort was made to keep the fixture and its operation very simple, yet efficient. Only a few “practice” runs should enable the average person enough skill to produce clean solder paste pads.



1. Remove existing solder and clean component pad areas. Remove the solder bumps that may prevent the stencil from lying flat on the PCB surface. The stencil must lie flat to prevent bridging.

2. Hand/Eye coordinate the location of the PCB pads. Lower the stencil until it contacts the PCB over the pattern to be pasted. The pads on the PCB should be visible through the apertures of the stencil. Ensure that the pattern of the stencil aligns EXACT to the pattern of the PCB. Make any final adjustments at this time.

3. Take the squeegee blade and dip it into the solder paste. All you will need is a small amount on the tip of the blade. Starting from the back of the stencil draw the squeegee blade to the front of the stencil. You will only need to apply SLIGHT pressure during this step. Too much pressure will force the solder paste to bridge under the stencil. Repeat this step until all the apertures are filled with solder paste.

4. After applying the paste slowly raise the stencil up. Inspect the pads for sufficient paste. If you notice insufficient paste lower the stencil back onto the PCB and repeat the step


a. Too much paste causes messy spillover and waste.

b. Excessive pressure with the squeegee will drive solder paste under the stencil and cause bridging. The stencil may also move out of alignment.

c. Check paste specifications for all applications.

d. Clean the stencil regularly to prevent poor print application.

e. Squeegee excess solder paste from the stencil.

f. Clean the squeegee blade frequently.

Mini Micro Stencil - Flip Up/PCB Print S
Mini Micro Stencil - Flip Up/PCB Print S

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