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The Mini Mirror inspection tool allows the user to inspect solder joints of a BGA component before and after the reflow/rework process. This will permit the operator to visually inspect the outer row of solder spheres to properly inspect the solder point.


The flexibility of the tool allows the user to change the angle of the Mini Mirror so that the solder sphere connection to the package, as well as the PCB, can be seen. Mini Micro Stencil offers 2 different sizes The MM1-70 has a .70 field of view and the NEW MM1-30 offers a .30 field of view which will allow you to get into smaller areas.

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Mini Micro Stencil Mini Mirror Inspectio

The photos below show that the wide field of view of the Mini Mirror permits outstanding images as compared to other tools that are on the market at over 5

times the Mini Mirror price.

The Mini Mirror’s field of view is .700 inches wide. When you consider that all of these advantages are available at this price, the Mini Mirror is clearly without

equal. Keep in mind that when it comes to visual inspection. 

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