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StencilLaser P 6060

  • Simple and convenient handling

  • Capable of micromachining tasks

  • ​Stencils available in both framed and frameless options

  • Same day service available. Please inquire for availability

StencilLaser P 6060 - Same Day Service


Mini Micro Stencil Provides Contract Rework Services for Transportation, Aerospace, Medical, Commercial Electronics, and More!

Mini Micro Stencil, Inc. has been providing quality low-cost rework service for years and was one of the first contract rework-only shops in the industry. We are equipped with several high-caliber BGA Rework machines providing us with the ability to perform our services at the highest peak of excellence. With our extensive rework knowledge, we can quickly create working profiles, at no extra charge, to help get your product out the door as fast as possible. Manufacturing our own stencils also allows us rework lead times faster than the industry standard and with a vast array of in-stock stencils, we can prevent tooling charges from being passed on to the customer.


Mini Micro Stencil, Inc. combines low prices with a quality quick-turn service, making us the solution to all your rework needs.


We offer a seemingly endless variety of lead and lead-free rework services including BGA, QFN & QFPP removal, replacement; BGA reballing; X-ray inspection service; endoscope inspection; pad replacement; trace/jumper wire replacement or repair; masking touch-up on repaired or damaged traces; PCB & component baking for moisture prevention; vacuum sealing; etc.


You can rely on Mini Micro Stencil’s dedication, innovation, and experience to come up with real rework solutions for your most challenging needs.

Mini Micro Stencil In Use

We are a team of fully capable and experienced technicians working to lead the industry through innovation.

Located in San Diego, CA, servicing Nationwide

Mini Micro Stencil, Inc. is the Industry leader in the design and development of stencil tools, equipment, and processes for rework, repair of SMT/BGA and electronic components.  Mini Micro Stencil has been instrumental in changing the way SMT rework is viewed and what can be done in-house.  With a full array of rework stencils, tools for re-balling and solder paste printing applications we want to help operators take control of their rework needs. 




Commercial Electronics



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